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Transforming Your Home Exterior with New Siding, Fascias, Soffits, and Gutters in Des Moines, Iowa

Complete your exterior transformation project with siding, soffit, fascia, and gutter installation, repair, or replacement, and get the house you’ve always dreamed of.

*Please note, we only provide siding replacement and installation services as part of larger design and build projects we’re contracted on that are valued at $50,000 or more.

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How We Transform Your Exterior with Siding, Soffits, Fascias, and Gutters

Superior siding, fascias, soffits, and gutters keep homes free from water damage, and pests. They also improve energy efficiency and curb appeal. Vulnerable to rot and damage, these systems often need regular maintenance. Our team will inspect your home’s soffit, fascia, gutters, and siding to determine the best solution to keep your home protected. We offer the following:

Full replacements
Installation from scratch
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Types of Siding, Soffits, Fascias, and Gutters We Provide in Des Moines, IA

Since 2018, Zenith Design + Build has provided exemplary customer service while transforming the exterior of Des Moines homes. Our fully trained and experienced team will repair, replace or install these systems from scratch at the same time as your remodeling project to reduce costs and save time. Whether we’re installing siding soffit and fascia, or new gutters, we always provide a range of customizable options for our clients to choose from.

  • Aluminum


    Low-maintenance, aluminum siding soffit and fascia are ideal for homes with different types and grades of sloping on their roof, as they produce an air-tight seal.

  • Vinyl


    Cost-effective and durable, vinyl siding soffit and fascia are highly resistant to degradation, making them perfect for first-time home renovators.

  • Wood


    Favored for its beauty, wood offers a natural appearance and is eco-friendly while still providing resistance to the natural elements.

  • Custom materials

    Custom materials

    We also provide custom materials according to our client’s unique requirements, enhancing the decorative appeal of their homes.

Why Would Your Want Siding Replacement as Part of Your Exterior Renovation Project

Not only can siding replacement restore the pride and joy you have in your home, it also has practical benefits:

  • Enhance your home’s curb appeal

  • Increase your property’s resale value

  • Improve your house’s structural integrity

  • Prevent pest infestation and water damage

  • Become more energy efficient

  • Express personal style, and highlight your home’s best features

Look at These Great Siding and Soffit Ideas
We Designed to Transform Our Clients’ Homes

Let’s take a look at our excellent siding and soffit design projects completed for our clients.

Tracy + Bob | Big and Bold Exterior Makeover

Tracy + Bob | Big and Bold Exterior Makeover

This house is now the coolest on the block with new siding and cedar accents.

Zenith Design + Build | Des Moines Southside Mid-Mod Exterior Transformation

Zenith Design + Build | Des Moines Southside Mid-Mod Exterior Transformation

This 1955 got the mid-century exterior makeover it deserved with this remodel!

Zenith Design + Build | South of Grand Midcentury Makeover

Zenith Design + Build | South of Grand Midcentury Makeover

If you’re looking for a huge transformation...you’ve found it. From new paint to a new roofline, this home’s exterior got a whole new look!

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Our Process

Our Siding, Soffit, Fascia, and Gutter Remodeling Process


Initial Consult

When our assigned design consultant meets with you to discuss your remodeling project, they will also inquire whether you need siding, fascia, soffit, and gutter remodeling.


Initial Design + Mood Board

We’ll provide initial design options inspired by our first meeting.


Proposal Meeting

Our team will send a written proposal of your remodeling project to sign, so we can move forward with your design.


Design Selections

Your assigned design consultant will review all your selections and choose the ones they believe will best suit your remodeling project.


Finalize Design

You vote on our recommended selections and help select new options if necessary.


Approve Design

Once you’ve approved the design, we’ll order the materials needed for your remodeling project.



We’ll introduce you to your project manager, who will explain how to prep for construction.



We construct your project as carefully and swiftly as possible to ensure you obtain your dream home in no time.

Our renovation process

Our Siding, Soffit, and Fascia Projects FAQs

What is the best time of year to replace siding and soffits in Des Moines, Iowa?

Anytime is a good time to replace your siding! It’s a little easier in the warmer months during spring and summer, but it can be done in the winter.

How long does it take to install new siding and soffits?

Once all of the necessary siding materials are in hand, our siding crew can usually knock out the installation pretty quickly!

How much does an exterior renovation project, including the replacement of siding, soffits, fascias, and gutter cost in Des Moines, IA?

Cost will always vary based on the project scope and materials selected. Full exterior renovations that include a design and selections begin in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.

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