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Project Pricing

Included: city permit, design, labor, all materials, and the Zenith Experience & Warranty

Excluded: All Appliances

  • Bronze


    Essential Finishes, Simple Layout

    • Keep Existing Basement Structural and Plumbing Layout
    • Minimal Amount of Framing
    • Basic Insulation & Drywall Work
    • Existing Electrical Circuits to Remain
    • Carpet Flooring or Finished Concrete
    • Basic Paint Work
    • Standard Lighting Fixtures Upgrades
    • Minimal Baseboards & Trim Design
    • Typical Space - Living Space, & Bedroom/Office
    • Under 500SF
  • Silver


    Upgraded Finishes, Small Changes to Space

    • Minor Layout Changes Allowed Within Existing Space
    • Upgraded Insulation & Soundproofing
    • Add Additional Electrical Outlets
    • Mid-level Flooring Options (e.g. LVP/Engineered Wood)
    • Minor Plumbing Changes
    • Custom Paint Options & Accent Walls
    • Recessed Lighting Installation
    • Molding and Enhanced Trim Work
    • Fiberglass Tub/Shower & Tiled Surround with Glass Shower Enclosure with Minimal Frame
    • Ready-made Vanity & Countertop
    • Typical Space - Hall Bath, Living Space, & Bedroom
    • Over 500 SF
  • Gold


    Premium Finishes, Significant Changes to Space

    • Comprehensive Redesign of Basement Space
    • Premium Insulation & Acoustic Soundproofing
    • Entirely New Electrical Layout
    • Upgraded Flooring Options (e.g. LVP, Engineering Hardwood, Tile)
    • Additional Bathroom Installation
    • Custom Paint, Wallpaper, and Special Finishes
    • Integrated Lighting System with Smart Controls
    • Custom Molding & Architectural Details
    • Both Tiled Shower Floor and Surround with Glass Shower Enclosure with Transparent, No-Frame Design
    • Custom Vanity Design
    • Upgraded Granite/Quartz Countertop
    • Typical Space - Bath, Bar/Kitchenette, Living Space, & Bedroom
    • Over 500 SF

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