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Project Pricing

Included: city permit, design, labor, all materials, and the Zenith Experience & Warranty

  • Refreshed Guest Bath


    Simple Finishes

    • Upgraded Fiberglass Tub
    • Maintain Current Dimensions & Positions
    • Porcelain Tiling for Floor and Shower Enclosure
    • Ready-made Vanity & Countertop
    • Updated Electrical Installations
    • No Change in Fixture Positions
    • Framed Glass Shower Door
  • Silver Primary Bath


    Upgraded Finishes

    • Swap Out Tub for New Tiled Shower
    • Increase Shower Dimensions, Without Tub
    • Porcelain Tiling for Floor & Entire Shower
    • Semi-custom Vanity Design
    • Countertop in Granite/Quartz Variant
    • Updated Electrical Elements
    • Slight Flexibility in Fixture Placement
    • Glass Shower Enclosure with Minimal Frame
  • Gold Primary Bath


    Premium Finishes, Larger Scale

    • Both Tiled Shower and Standalone Tub Replacements
    • Enlarged Shower Area
    • Luxurious Stone Tiling for Floor and Shower
    • Fully-Custom Vanity Design
    • Premium Granite/Quartz Countertop
    • Refreshed Electrical Elements
    • Greater Flexibility in Fixture Relocation
    • Glass Shower Enclosure with Transparent, No-Frame Design
    • Additional custom element (ex. heated flooring, heated towel bar, lighted mirror, etc.)

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