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Tiny home builders in Des Moines & West Des Moines, IA

At Zenith Design + Build, our small luxury homes are custom-built to suit your lifestyle needs. They offer quality, comfort, and style fit for 21st-century living.

We’re an Award-Winning Remodeling Company

Zenith Design&Build - Small custom home builders

We're an award-winning residential remodeling company who believe building a home is an experience and process that enriches people’s lives. We collaborate with clients to design one-of-a-kind homes with quality, service, integrity, and beautiful aesthetics. At Zenith Design + Build, we value architecture and design as much as we care about materials and craftsmanship.

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Our custom master bedroom additions are built with quality craftsmanship and insightful design expertise, enriching the homes of our many satisfied clients.

Mid-Century Childhood Home Renovation

Mid-Century Childhood Home Renovation

Zenith Design+Build provided renovation for an Iowa mid-century modern home. Updates included primary suite, open kitchen, bike room, basement bath & exterior stain.

Des Moines Carriage House

Des Moines Carriage House

Dramatic makeover of a historic Des Moines carriage house.

Zenith Design + Build | Des Moines Tiny House

Des Moines Tiny House

Going tiny doesn’t mean sacrificing design and quality! This tiny house has two levels of living space and a whole bunch of character.

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Our Process

Our Process


Initial Consult

We’ll discuss your project, including budget and design preferences.


Initial Design + Mood Board

We provide initial design options inspired by our first consultation.


Proposal Meeting

You’ll sign a written project proposal so that we can continue with your project.


Design Selections

We’ll provide a range of your selections, so you can pick those that work best for your tiny custom home.


Finalize Design

You vote on our recommended selections and help choose new items if necessary.


Approve Design

Once approved, we’ll order the materials needed for your design.



Your project manager will explain how to prep for construction.



We build efficiently, so your home is ready in no time.

Our Bathroom Remodeling process

Why Our Clients Think That We Are The Best Mini Home Builders in Iowa

  • Paperwork

    Zoning laws can be complicated. That’s why we arrange and organize the necessary permits.

  • Contractor Relationships

    We have excellent relationships with top suppliers, ensuring you get the best deal.

  • Attention to Deal

    Our team establishes your lifestyle needs and ideal preferences so that they can provide the most suitable solutions.

  • Expert Team

    We construct superior design builds that combine functionality and beauty for happy living.

  • Licensed

    Good relationships are built on solid foundations. For us, that means being fully licensed and insured.

  • Track Record

    We have a track record of award-winning work, making us one of the finest custom tiny home builders in Des Moines.

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Can you build an accessory dwelling unit on my property?

Yes, as long as there is enough space to build and the area is safe for construction. Most areas require a permit, which we’ll obtain on your behalf..

How much does it cost to build a small custom home in Des Moines, Iowa?

The average cost to build a small custom home is $150 per square foot, although this depends on the size, materials, and floor plan. Contact us to tell us more about your project, and we’ll provide a custom quote.

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